DEES001 — Hearts Against Chains

Vinyl and Digital release out on 26.03.2021 including tracks from Kozlov, Umbraid, WNDRLST and Elios.

DEES002 — Fighting In Ostkreuz

Vinyl and Digital release out on 08.04.2022 including tracks from Kaltblume, CARAVEL, Dahlia and YÅ.

DEES003 — Chronicles Of Freedom

Vinyl and Digital release out on 25.11.2022 including tracks from Irakli, Boyd Schidt, Lilith. & Objector Trax, Ly Sas and Petit Astronaute.


STRICTED001 — It’s Humankind!

Only Digital release out on 28.09.2021. It is a Charity compilation in favour of LGBTQI+ community including tracks from Abu Zeinah, Chlär & Frederic., CLTX, Dj Ali, Elios, Esther Dune, Interatrial, IR00049, K Ø Z L Ø V, KLAMER, LULU, Maharti, Omrann, Stigmatique, vp allowed and Whrikk.

STRICTED002 — The Dreamer Is Aware Of Dreaming

Only Digital release out on 29.07.2022. It’s the first episode of a serie of four which explores the boundaries of sleep; the first one is about the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. The compilation features 20 tracks from a fresh generation of electronic music artists blending different styles to create a unique vision that finds its climax in the dream including tracks from Achat, CLTX, Caŷve, Constantinos, DSB96, Dj Warzone, EXIX, Gael + Jolly, INSECT, KamavoSian, Laren, Messiawaits, Maharti, PULSES, Roni Rix, SAS, Samantha Togni, Vendex, Vera Grace and vp allowed.